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FAA OSHA Jurisdiction question




I have a question concerning FAA OSHA jurisdiction. I realize that OSHA has jurisdiction over non-crew members unless there is an agreement between the FAA and a carrier. Crew members are exempt when they are acting in their capacity following FAA approved procedures. I realize that this is a simplification of a complex issue. My question is, does a flight crew member while walking on the wing of a Gulfstream let’s say to inspect an engine inlet for FOD or install a protective cover have to wear fall protection equipment due to the height of the wing being above OSHA limits? Mind you that the wing is a walking surface for there is wing walk compound for your feet. If fall protection is not required would this practice extend to ground personnel performing the same function for the same reason?

I’ve scoured the internet and have found bits and pieces all over the place and am looking for a single point for reference. Can anyone point me in the right direction.



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The FAA has a fall protection standard the mirrors OSHA requirements. You can obtain the FAA's standard using the FOIA.

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Need more!
I'm looking for a specific reference that deals with this issue that I can use to refute or support management. Currently their view is that fall protection IS required whenever anybody is on a wing. Extrapolating this out further would mean that even pilots in their normal duties would be required to don fall protection to install or remove engine covers, what the heck they would tie off to is beyond me. If this requirement is mandated by the FAA then that may explain why I see so many planes on the flightline without engine covers.

Maybe the thing I'm looking for "common sense" is beyond my reach. But thank you for replying!


I am not sure. You could always call OSHA and ask an employee what is correct. Even if you find something on the internet it can't be completely trusted, go to the source of information when you can.

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Call OSHA for "advice" ? Good Luck with that!

Ever call the IRS for tax advice?

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