FAA 8130 Block 12

If I repaired a subassembly what I can put on block 12 to issue a 8130, that subassembly will be install on his original part number.

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First of all you must be an authorized safety inspectors (ASI) or FAA-authorized designee or delegation, or a certificate holder under 14 CFR parts 21, 121, 135, or 145 in order to complete an 8130. A larger question is what authority are you quoting in Block 16 to legitimize the 8130?

From your question, I ass/u/me you repaired something and will reinstall it on the aircraft from which it was removed. If so, an 8130 is not required. A simply log entry in the appropriate log book will suffice.

Your guidance can be found in FAA Order 8130.21G

FAA "ASI" is "aviation safety inspector, not "authorized safety inspector" as stated in the response.

My apologies, you are correct... person without a name