EZ Update

When i try to update my librairy, with or without the disc, the system won't let me update because i have to adjust the admin setting on the computer. But i am on the admin session of the computer and it still won't upgrad my librairy. Now this error message appear : error!
Error executing update. Please contact ATP customer care for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Please follow this instructions to fix the issue.

 1. Restart the computer on your Navigator/main PC.

 2. Then click on start, all programs, atp, navigatorVR, locate Navigator Repair tool (don’t start the Navigator) then right click on it and select "ran as administrator"

 3. On the repair tool, click on the Reset button and follow the prompts

 4. After the reset, click on Update button and follow the prompts

 If problem persist then you might need to have your computer IT/admin and run the procedure with their credentials.

 You can also call us at 415-330-9500 5:30am-5:00pm PST Mon-Fri (California, USA) and ask for any available tech rep