Update of my library

Hi we operate in central west NSW and our internet is slow.
we have purchase a new computer and down loaded off the discs ATP which checks with head office and comfirms our status which is fine but when i go to load my library it says use the disc after the date the comp looked on the net which is proving hard. as the disc update for dec 2010 arrived on the 7th of jan 2011 so i can't up load from the disc and my internet is so slow i am in a bit of a no go situation could you please help so i can get my system up to date . Regards Robin

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Because of mailing time the disc's will always be older than internet download. The Internet is great but is not available reliably for everyone so updating by disc is the best option in your case. The problem you are having is you are trying to use both update methods and the Internet and disc's are not for the same period of time. I would recommend using 100% disc revisions for your update. Go to the EZ Update tab and click the Scheduler Settings button and disable Internet EZ Update. This will stop the computer from asking for disc's that are still en-route.