CMM out of date

We have been advised by our Maintenance workshop that our copy of CMM 33-40-98 is out of date.
The CMM is part of the Beechcraft B200 CMM Manuals.

Is this manual going to be updated?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Thanks for the information. I will look into it. we receive the Beech CMM from Beechcraft and publish their latest version. Beech needs to incorporate any changes to the included publications. Let me confirm we are using the latest version from Beechcraft and let them know if they are sending outdated content.

I will let you know.



The "current" version of the B200 CMM published by Beechcraft is May 1 2014. We have contacted Beechcraft inquiring about a update to their CMM. We have recieved the following reply:

"You (ATP) have the latest published version of the King Air CMM at the B8 revision. I do not see that a revision to the CMM is scheduled in the next 6 months. The best way to address out of date vendor manuals in CMM’s is to create a Publications Change Request (PCR). The online form is located at "

ATP has submitted the PCR form to Beechcraft for this publication.

That pretty sad given Honeywell released revision 1 of this CMM 33-40-98 on the 1 August 2003.

This is a very quick way to receive a non compliance and have an aircraft grounded.
It now raises a question of how many other manuals are out of date.

It is a problem I see many times where vendor information is republished in a collection and we are only licensed to resell the collection. We do have licenses with some vendor companies. This is nice because we get the revision directly from the vendor and we have the ability to publish updates.