Citation 525C CJ4 Expert System Now Available

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Citation 525C CJ4 Expert System Now Available

The Expert System Team is pleased to announce the release of the Model 525C CJ4 Expert System. The Expert System is designed to give technicians necessary information to troubleshoot issues on the new CJ4 model aircraft based on various CAS messages. Within the CJ4 Expert System, technicians can select the CAS message that appears on the aircraft and follow the information pertinent to troubleshoot such issues. All CAS messages in the expert system have the same color coding as the aircraft for ease of use within the system.

To order your copy of the CJ4 Expert System please contact Cessna’s Customer Care at +1 316 517-5800 or [email protected]. Each CJ4 customer will receive a disk version with their delivery package; in addition, technicians can access the system online through

For any questions or comments regarding the Expert System, please contact:

Robert B. Rogers Jr.
Supervisor, Maintenance Engineering
Phone: 316-517-3490
[email protected]


From Cessna Direct Approach

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