Cessna Equips Bizjets with Diagnostic Mx System

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Cessna Equips Bizjets with Diagnostic Mx System

AIN Reports that new Citations are being equipped with the Cessna Diagnostic Maintenance System (CDMS). The system integrates event-driven and full-time data recording that provides maintenance needs on the pilot’s multi-function display and pushes the data to the aircraft’s service center.

“The integrated diagnostic system is capable of alerting the customer, the pilot and the Citation Service Center of maintenance needs, enabling remote support within minutes of notification, whether the aircraft is on the ground or in the air,” said Joe Hepburn, senior vice president of customer service. “The integrated diagnostics provide high confidence that applied corrective action will resolve the issue at the first occurrence, resulting in quicker return-to-service for the customer, and improved operational availability for the aircraft.”

Cessna is also offering Citation operators the Aircraft Recording System II (AReS II), which records thousands of flight parameters per second and downloads the flight data wirelessly to Cessna’s internal network for analysis by technicians. The process reduces or eliminates the need for troubleshooting test flights, often allowing technicians to reproduce an event on the ground using information transmitted from the aircraft.


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