Can I screen print a page from a manual?

Can I screen print a page from a manual without getting theother opbjects on the screen?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Great question Jack. Sometimes you may not want to simply print a page but need to include a section in another document. The answer is Yes, you can capture a portion of the visible document as a image to paste into other documents. 

These steps are based on Acrobat X and a ATP Navigator powered maintenance library.

1. Make sure the tool-bar is visible. Shift F8 displays the tool-bar and F8 hides it

2. Right click on a empty section of the tool-bar to display a dropdowm menu of other commands

3. Under the Edit menu you will find Take A Snapshot, select this item

4. A camera icon will be added to the tool-bar. Click the camera and the mouse will change to a cross-hair. Click and drag to select the snapshot area. When you release the mouse it will copy the areas image to your clipboard.