Avoid Maintenance-Induced FADEC Faults Citation 525, 525A and 525B

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Avoid Maintenance-Induced FADEC Faults Citation 525, 525A and 525B

Maintenance procedures sometimes can trigger FADEC system annunciations. Citation Customer Service has received customer reports of FADEC engine faults following
unrelated maintenance.

Some operators reported illuminated amber ENG CTRL SYS FAULT L R annunciator lights in the cockpit, or red time limited dispatch lights in the tailcone. Williams International FADEC Control System works as a fault-recording device whether the airplane is operated in the air, or on the ground, or while maintenance is being conducted.

When the DC POWER switch is placed into the BATT position, the FADEC system will come online. Maintenance procedures that disengage/engage circuit breakers, systems powered off and on, or applying external electrical power can cause changes in current or voltage in the onboard systems. The engine FADEC system logic senses varying levels in the energized systems, and records a fault. This explains the nuisance of illuminated engine FADEC system annunciations.

Following maintenance work, Citation Customer Service recommends that maintainers perform a download of the engine FADEC system. This can be accomplished with the Engine Maintenance Terminal (EMT) Basic or Lite software on a laptop computer. The software should clear maintenance-induced faults that the FADEC logic may have recorded. Once all of the faults have been eliminated, the airplane should be ready to release for flight – squawk free.

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