AD Research ATP & FAA web - are they the same?

How does your AD search work? What about series and models and prior OEMs? Does it work like the FAA web site?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We have a patented cross reference database built into NavigatorV that understands the series, specific model and prior manufacturers. When you do a search we will look up ADs against the series, against the model and against prior manufacturer names and present the result in a single list. Not all systems do this so it is important to know the logic a system uses. The following YouTube shows examples of this. (click the icon with 4 arrows in the lower right for a full screen view)

P.S This video was filmed 2/26/10. I was using the 2/23/10 revision from ATP. The FAA web site was not current showing a date of 1/29/10 as seen in the video. I was asked if ATP showed 9 ADs and FAA 11 ADs what was missing. In the FAA 11 ADs were ADs for Kelly Aerospace, McCauley and Garmin that were not Cessna 310L airframe ADs.