680 Known Issue for Oxygen System Leaks

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680 Known Issue for Oxygen System Leaks

Operators who experience loss of oxygen system pressure overnight or during longer flight legs may have a cracked TEE fitting in the plumbing behind the service panel pressure gauge. The same type of fitting is installed in the extended range oxygen system also.

The P/N AS4857D01 (680-0001 thru -0304) or P/N 6914013-31 (680-0305 and On), TEE fitting has been a known cause for oxygen system pressure leaks due to cracks developed by over-torqued plumbing fittings installed into the TEE.

Citation Customer Support has received several reports of oxygen system and extended range pressure leaks. Team Sovereign recommends operators visually inspect the TEE fitting first, before proceeding with other troubleshooting efforts of the oxygen system.

Questions, please contact:

Team Sovereign
316-517-1695 (International)
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