iPad/Hubconnect Questions


Frequently Asked Questions: 

To access the new product, you may need to update the ATP Aviation Hub user settings:

1. Go to aviationhub.aero and log into your account

2. Click "Settings" to go to the User Information list

3. Click "View" next to your user name

4. Click "Edit" next to "ATP Aviation Hub Information Services"

5. Assign the HubConnect Mobile Service by selecting the appropriate checkbox

6. Click "Save"

7. Signout and log back into your account

To add documents to your Sync List,* and access them on your iPad:

How to view rotated pages, when I turn the iPad the screen rotates and the image is still sideways.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

There is a option in the iPad settings that says "use side switch to" and gives you a choice between "lock rotation" or "mute"- so if you set it to "lock rotation" and trigger the side lock, your rotation view will be locked and the screen will not rotate when you turn the iPad.