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Is Part 'a" of the AD 80-04-03R2 is applicable on all model of engines with suffix "T"

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80-04-03 R2 Para a says "in accordance with AVCO Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 435 dated March 17, 1979" so I am not sure about SB 435B.  

SB 435 3/17/79 says "MODELS AFFECTED: All O-320-H Series engines with serial numbers up to and including L-6182-76 and reman. engines shipped prior to March 19, 1979" I have read through the SB and nothing is said about a suffix of T in the S/N.


The AD Does refer to the T suffix in para  c3 and the Note following that para about the T having larger lifters but it is not clear how this effects applicability of the AD

ATP Hub (User is being Kicked Off)

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The reason way this is probably happening is because you have all of your users sharing the same login. So if one user is logged on and another user then tries logging in with the same login, he will automatically kick out the existing user. Aviation Hub recommended the Admin to create each new users their own indivisual login. Please keep in mind, once you created a login, an email will be sent to each of your users and they will be prompted them to change their temporary password to they own. So please just setup a generic temporary password as they will need to change it anyways.

How to search using the quick find box on top right?

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To limit the results in Quick find it initially does an Exact Match search and display all issues that exactly match the input.

If it finds no results it asks if you want to do a wild card search.

In your example it never shows gets to the wild card option because there are exact matches.

You will need to force the wild card search by adding a % and all variants/revisions will show.

Web browser requirements for accessing www.aviationhub.aero

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Currently it is only fully compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or 9 with Adobe Reader 9 or X.


We are constantly developing the website site so it may support other web browser in the future.