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CMM out of date

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Thanks for the information. I will look into it. we receive the Beech CMM from Beechcraft and publish their latest version. Beech needs to incorporate any changes to the included publications. Let me confirm we are using the latest version from Beechcraft and let them know if they are sending outdated content.

I will let you know.


Library for 1 aicraft???

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No stupid questions here :)  This is a good question.

We have multiple combinations of libraries. In general we have airframe only libraries, Engine & Prop (Support) libraries, Aircraft (airframe, engine & prop) Maintenance Libraries. Sometimes we do this for a single model but most often it is for a group of models. Usually the group is based on the airframe manual coverage as a single manual may cover multiple models.

How can I see the alternate part numbers when printing in Job and Parts Requests?

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The ATP Parts has a number of basic fields included. It also has the Form Designer tool that allows additional fields to be added. Alt P/N would be one of these added fields. These additional fields show on screen but as of now, user cannot print user defined fields. Only the Add Part to WO dialog box and the Part Details box shows this user defined field.   We are planning to enhance this to have user defined fields printed when some one prints the reports.

How can I register as a user here on

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You will need to first register as a user here on Askbob.Aero before you can post a questions or particpate on the Forums.

After you register, a new link called "Ask a Support Question" will be available at the bottom of the FAQ list on the ATP Support page.