Is there a way to inventory what is in my revision shipments?

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Frequently Asked Questions: 


ATP provides two simple ways to audit your revision shipments.

Packing Slip: The first way to audit your revision shipments is with the Packing Slip. Every revision shipment from ATP includes a packing slip where you will find a list of all of the discs included in the shipment, and which library each disc belongs to.

Note: The Installation/Content Revision disc (white disc) is included with every revision shipment. You will only receive library revision discs (silver discs) if there is revised content on the disc. For example, if your library subscription includes 4 library discs, and only one disc has revised content, then you will only receive the one disc that contains the revised content, along with the Installation/Content Revision disc. If there are no revisions on any of the discs in your library, then you will only receive the Installation/Content Revision disc. Each DVD may cover multiple models so you may receive a revised DVD that has no new data for your specific aircraft.

Revision Content Checklist: The second way to audit your revision shipments is with the Revision Content Checklist (Blue Card). The Revision Content Checklist is attached below in PDF format. This checklist shows which discs were revised in the last revision shipment for each product. You can search the checklist using the product code for your subscription. The Revision Content Checklist (Blue Card) is updated on this web page with each disc revision.

If you would like to see a complete list of all discs in your subscription, with the most current revision date for each disc, please visit our Inventory Checklist page