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Video: LSA Repairman Maintenance Training

Rainbow Aviation conducts the only FAA accepted Light Sport Maintenance Training Program for Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA). This video, created by the staff at EAA, highlights the course. Video includes interviews with participants immersed in the course at EAA headquarters and information about the program.

New FAA Interpretation on Rotax Training

 As expected, the adoption  of the Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft  Rule in 2004, and the FAA interpretation requiring, in some cases, “Manufacturer’s Factory Approved Training” to provide service and line maintenance to Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA), have caused more than a few ripples among aviation maintenance professionals. The Rotax Factory Training Courses is at the center of this controversy.  Now, after almost a year of review, the FAA is expected to issue their “New Interpretation” of training requirements and its latest stand on LSA manufacturer’s programs.

As an A&P can I work on the SLSA Cessna Skycatcher and PiperSport?

 There have been multiple questions from Airframe and Powerplant (A & P) mechanics and Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) owners about proper authorization for performing maintenance and inspection in S-LSA aircraft in the field- especially on the Cessna Skycatcher and PiperSport. The general assumption is that an A & P is a certified aircraft mechanic therefore he is authorized. Most A & Ps are surprised to learn how this new world works.

Rotax Training Requirements and Your LSA

Someone once told me that 85% of all Light Sport Aircraft are powered by the Rotax engine. I do not know where he got that statistic, but as I walked through the Light Sport Mall at Airventure this last July- it sure rang true. Yet, as I talk with aircraft owners, most are confused about the Rotax training courses. “Is the Rotax course mandatory?” “If I take the Rotax course can I perform maintenance on my SLSA?” “I have an ELSA; do I have to sign up for a Rotax course to work on my engine?”