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MRO Capabilities Define Your Niche

 Greetings from the world of aviation MRO contracting! While this is a new endeavor for me, it is a natural mid-career evolution for someone with a love of travel, the drive to build strong professional relationships and a broad view of the aviation industry. My position at BAE Systems is to grow our MRO capability and, in analyzing the opportunities before me, I could not be more impressed with the professionalism of those with whom I am working and, frankly, with many of the companies we compete against.

FINNEGAN AVIATION, LLC, Urges Caution in Restricting Air Traffic over Hudson River

Finnegan Aviation, LLC ©

AUGUST 11, 2009

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Anytime there is a tragic loss of life, there is a natural tendency for people to halt all activity that might cause a repeat of that tragedy. We are seeing that in the calls for restrictions on the uncontrolled flight activity in the relatively busy low-altitude airways over the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey. What we really need is greater vigilance, not greater restriction.

Oklahoma CareerTech adds 15 Honored Colleagues

 Many of the aviation maintenance instructors within the Oklahoma CareerTech education system took a one-day overview of the SAE International Aviation Maintenance Fundamentals course this past weekend and then sat for the PAMA/SAE Institute Aviation Maintenance Engineeer certification exam.

Heli-Expo: Where Mechanics and Pilots are Equals

Greetings from Anaheim and the Helicopter Association International's (HAI) record-breaking 2009 Heli-Expo. The PAMA/SAE Institute Professional Certification team is here taking the industry temperature on our Master Rotorcraft Certification concept...and we are encouraged by what we are hearing. (More on that soon!)

PAMA/SAE Certification Looking for Subject Matter Experts for Composites, Rotorcraft, and Avionics

Hello Aviaiton Maintenance Colleagues,

Everything is looking up in the world of PAMA/SAE Certifications these days. Our first certification, the AMS/AME, has over 125 Honored Colleagues in its ranks and we have been working very hard to establish a significant customer that will tip the scales for a number of organizations evaluating our program. Look for a major announcement within the next month or so.