I receive an e-mail about EZ Update being installed - do I need to do anything?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Scott There are two emails available with the EZ Update service. You have a option of receiving one, both or neither. With the EZ Update scheduler set for automatic updates no added action is needed on your part. The emails are just informational

The first is an email to let you know that a update is available. This email was designed for those that are not using the automatic scheduler and are manually connecting to the internet and hitting the “Run EZ Update” Button. If you are using the scheduler I would turn this email off (instructions below)

The second email is a status email of each download. This was created for those using the scheduler to automatically download the updates. Many times the scheduler is set by customers to run after business hours. The email confirms if the download was successful. It is redundant information because the main EZ Update tab clearly shows if everything is up to date but we thought it was a nice backup piece of information. I think this is the email you are receiving, that the Revision has been Installed. This confirms thae action was completed and no action on your part is needed.

To turn on or off either one of these email messages go to the EZ Update tab and click the Set EZ Update Scheduler button. In the middle of the dialogue box is your email address and just underneath are the two email options. The first check box is for the notification a update is available. The second check box is for the download status email. Uncheck each box to turn off that email. Hope this information helps.