AD 93-08-17 does not come up when I searched for TSIO-520R? Thanks Russell

Frequently Asked Questions: 

ATP Navigator returns all ADs at the specific model level. To explain the action we need to look at the specific models that are in each series and how they relate to the AD Applicability Statement. I was not here when this AD was cataloged but in reviewing 93-08-17 the FAA Applicability statement incorporates the TCM Service Bulletin M91-10 R1 by reference. The AD says “Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) rebuilt and overhauled Model O-470, IO-470, IO-520, TSIO-520, and IO-550 series engines listed by serial number in TCM Service Bulletin (SB) No. M91-10, Revision 1, dated November 27, 1991, …” This should set the FAA AD applicability to be specific to the SB listed models by S/N. There are no TSIO-520-R Model Serial Numbers listed in the SB. This excludes it from the SB applicability and as the AD applicability specifically incorporates the SB applicability excludes it from the AD. This is my opinion after reading the documents. Do you have another take on the applicability?