How can I be sure that my library is current according to the manufacturer of the aircraft? Claudio

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Maintaining and verifying currency of technical publications is important. Shops should set up a process that manages these tasks. ATP includes a number of tools and services that provide a lot of help with this process. This includes: incorporating revisions and TRs into the manuals, updating the revision control page in each manual, showing the revision level with the manual P/N, inventory check lists showing the current CD/fiche/data, and published revision date schedules so you know if something is not received. In addition we publish the latest SB, AD and TR that have not made it to CD or EZ Update using our web site. Finally look at the Last Successful Update date in EZ Update as well as the Currency Status. If you are connected to the Internet the Currency Status checks each of your libraries for currency with our content repository each time NavigatorV is started.  All of these tools are designed so you are current  and can easily determine you are not missing any revisions from ATP. This should assure currency of your data but does not eliminate the need for a final verification process. No matter who is providing the publications, even manufacturer direct subscriptions, you should routinely audit against the manufacturer. Manufacturer direct subscriptions without the benefit of ATP checklists and receipt verification tools may be more susceptible to missing revisions and should be validated regularly.

Here is a list of OEM web sites and currency lists