“DB Logon Failed” error message when attempting to print a Compliance Record.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

You will need your ATP Additional Installation Software CD. (orange and white)

1. Insert CD into drive and open up My Computer. Right-Click? on your CD Drive and click on Explore.
2. In your CD Drive folder, Double-Click? on Customer Care. When inside the Customer Care folder, Double-Click? on 3rd Party Software.
3. In your 3rd Party Software folder, Double-Click? on crnet11win_en_sp2.exe. It will start a set-up process.
4. Click on Next and Yes on the prompts that appear.
5. When process is complete, click Finish.
6. Restart your ATP Navigator and open up Profile & Compliance.
7. Open up a Profile and update the Compliance View.
8. Print out the Compliance Record. It should now print with no issues.