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Featured Stories

Critical Aircraft Maintenance Information is Now Everywhere

11.04.16 | 10:18 AM

In the past decade, mobile devices have become an increasingly important part of our lives.

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First FAA NORSEE Approval for Installation of iPad / iPhone Mounts and USB Power Supplies in Certified Aircraft

09.30.16 | 10:35 AM

 Guardian Avionics is pleased to announce that it has received the first ever FAA approval to install manufactured products into certified

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Inspections Who is Responsible?

09.18.16 | 04:28 PM

Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) provide for the inspection of all civil aircraft at specific intervals, depending generally upon the type of operations in which they are engaged, for the purpos

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Choosing a DME does Cost Matter

09.14.16 | 01:16 PM

All Designated Mechanic Examiners (DMEs) are required to follow FAA Order 8900.2 in performing oral and practical exams and the procedures outlined in this order.

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IO-360-L2A - 2350 Max RPM in the Air with Vibration

08.26.16 | 12:33 AM

I've been troubleshooting this engine for months now, and I'm out of ideas.  Each time this aircraft gets written up I've done the basics, compressions, plugs, etc.

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Senate AMT Day Resolution Update

08.08.16 | 10:03 AM

   I am writing to keep everyone up to date on the AMTA's efforts to have a United States Senate AMT Day Resolution passed.

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FAR 91.207 ELT inspection

07.29.16 | 12:33 PM

During scheduled surveillance by the FAA, one of the ASIs made a comment regarding ELT maintenance.

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Duncan Download Blog: Honeywell Releases AS907 SAFETY Service Bulletin

07.26.16 | 10:42 AM

  Honeywell has released SB (Servic

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