Demonstrating Currency in NavigatorV®

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Overview NavigatorV® has mulitple ways to prove currency in your subscription. In the information below, we suggest three different methods for showing currency based on different reference points. These cover showing currency with your subscription libraries, with the latest FAA update, and with the manufacturer on an individual publication. The following methods are recommended for fast and easy checking of your content currency:

•ATP Subscription - Use the Status Report feature to provide a paper copy of your current subscription.

I upgraded to Digital from Fiche, What Fiche do I remove

Frequently Asked Questions: 

For a report on which fiche are replaced by a CD/DVD Click Here Please note this is only a guide. Each disc may include many libraries and will only replace the fiche for the digital libraries purchased. If you only upgraded some libraries to digital and retained fiche for others you should archive any removed fiche just to be on the safe side.

Is there a way to modify a work order once created?

There are many locations in the program where you can add to a drop down list by using the [+] button. These additions are editable when first created and until they have been used for a logbook entry. This includes the Create Work Order field.

To edit any drop down list entries select Table Modification from the Utility menu. The newly created (un-used) Work Orders are listed as item 12.

There are 15 drop down menu lists editable from this screen.

Hi, Can I operate more than one company on the same computer using ATP? Basically 2 data bases using the same program?

Yes, Maintenance Director has an option to run multiple database.

Full instruction on setting up multiple database is under 'help' on Maintenance Director. Click on 'help' on top, select 'Administering ATP Maintenance Director' then select 'activating the data selector'.