Updating the Compliance Record between the FAA Biweekly

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When updating a compliance record in Profile and Compliance, you are familiar with the prompt that pops up when we open a Compliance Record that says new content is available and asks if you want to run a new search to update your compliance record. To match the FAA biweekly, the prompt is activated when a newer biweekly has been installed since the Compliance record was last updated.

Daily Maintenance Library Update Notification

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Overview As an ATP® customer, you have the option to be automatically notified for upcoming changes to your digital maintenance content. This free service is automated through a daily email giving notification of upcoming updates to Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, and Temporary Revisions to manuals for only the models in your subscription. The email is a listing of revised publications that have been received by ATP during the last business day but have not yet been processed into NavigatorV®.

Access Code Download

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ATP® Easier Subscription Update with Access Code Download Overview Within 45 days from the expiration of a subscription license, ATP NavigatorV® displays an alert message informing you that the license to that particular subscription has to be renewed. After your renewal order has been processed at ATP, you may update your subscription with an automatic download of your access codes. However, note that you will have to be connected to the internet and using NavigatorV Release 6.1 software to make use of this feature. The attached PDF covers this subject and includes screen shots.