Problem with the training page!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

It appears the Aviation Hub Apps are not assign on your user.

1. On top right, click on settings

2. click on the user info tab

3. locate your username and click on edit

4. put a check the all the Aviation Hub apps (RLA, PCA & PXA)

5. also make sure to assign hub libraries.

6. when done, click on update on top right then sign out and sign back in.

If you need further assistance please give me a call at 415-330-9500 Billy Vinas or email me at bvinas@atp.com


EZupdate error

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The error states that your machine does not have the Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime component installed. This is a Microsoft operating system component.


You are in luck as there is a simple solution. Please visit this webpage http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=6545 Download and Install the WSE 3.0 Runtime component.


My facility info does not show or print out with the AD's.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Here is how to set and turn on the facility information for printouts:

In the top Menu select Tools and then Settings

Select the Facility Info tab

Fill in your facility information

Make suer the "Include in Compliance reports" is checked

Click OK

In this same setting box you can set a logo (it should be twice as wide as tall) and also turn on and populate the autofill for signoff information that autofills newly added records.



This is the first time I am signing in and now I have to change my password. How ?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When you register at AskBob you are not asked to create a password so the first thing you must do after joining is to set a password.  The email you recieved should take you to a page that asks for you to create a password (need to type it in twice).  If that does not work you can go to http://www.askbob.aero/user/password

and enter your email address and a new link to enter a password will be sent to you.


How does the search function in Navigator work?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Search looks at the body of the publications selected. The biggest thing to remember is the search term box is a exact match. Unlike a Google search with returns any combination of the search term and millions of hits we want to focus down to the specific results. If you are using multiple words then the result must be exactly the same in the publication to find it. For example "Rudder Bolt" will not find "rudder stop bolt" or even "rudder bolts". If you want to extend the search then there are ways of ,moving past a exact match.

IPad apps

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Yes, the July update to ATP Navigator Online will support iPads.  All regulatory content is in html and works very nicly. We do recommend adding the Goodreader pdf app for better performance of the PDF based maintenance content. Although it functions, I would not consider a iPad the best choice for really large manuals (MM, IPC etc).  I have a iPad and a Netbook and find the full funtion browser in the Netbook supports more of the advanced functions than the reduced browser fucctionality of the iPad browser.

where would I find a copy of the maintance record on the web

My favorite way of creating documents for the web from my computer is to use a program called CutePDF.  This application installs a PDF Printer on your computer. With it installed simply select CutePDF as the printer for any records or reports and  you will get a PDF. It can then be emaild, uploaded to the web or whatever you need.