Web browser requirements for accessing www.aviationhub.aero

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Currently it is only fully compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or 9 with Adobe Reader 9 or X.


We are constantly developing the website site so it may support other web browser in the future.

Can I screen print a page from a manual?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Great question Jack. Sometimes you may not want to simply print a page but need to include a section in another document. The answer is Yes, you can capture a portion of the visible document as a image to paste into other documents. 

These steps are based on Acrobat X and a ATP Navigator powered maintenance library.

1. Make sure the tool-bar is visible. Shift F8 displays the tool-bar and F8 hides it

2. Right click on a empty section of the tool-bar to display a dropdowm menu of other commands

How to view rotated pages, when I turn the iPad the screen rotates and the image is still sideways.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

There is a option in the iPad settings that says "use side switch to" and gives you a choice between "lock rotation" or "mute"- so if you set it to "lock rotation" and trigger the side lock, your rotation view will be locked and the screen will not rotate when you turn the iPad.

How do I Inventory the DVDs for a Library?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

There are two places where you can find a complete DVD inventory list for your product subscriptions.

EZ Update – When you click on the EZ Update Tab in the NavigatorV™ desktop platform, you will see a list of all your subscriptions by product code. Below each product you will see a list of the DVD's that make up each library and the date of the latest version of each DVD.

Is there a way to inventory what is in my revision shipments?

Frequently Asked Questions: 


ATP provides two simple ways to audit your revision shipments.

Packing Slip: The first way to audit your revision shipments is with the Packing Slip. Every revision shipment from ATP includes a packing slip where you will find a list of all of the discs included in the shipment, and which library each disc belongs to.