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Are you in favor of the proposed change to Certification Standards for Small Airplanes

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11.05.12 | 5:29 PM

Decision Making

 Essence of decision making whether one is a pilot, air traffic controller, or aircraft mechanic is:


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07.14.12 | 5:00 PM

Damage Tolerance doesn't work without Detection

 In 2008 the FAR-26 Regulations were adopted to require a damage-tolerance substantiation for all repairs, alterations or modifications that are performed by the operator

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07.09.12 | 9:55 PM

Oil Leaks Across All-Metal Joints

"A safe and reliable seal against liquids and gases under pressure cannot be achieved with compressive forces that pr

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04.30.12 | 8:58 PM

Aircraft Repair -- The Missing Manual

 Selected articles from my blog compiled into one E-book. Check it out at:

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04.16.12 | 10:57 PM

Lobing and other Low Frequency Form Error In Aircraft Piston Engines

"Overhaul to New Limits" -- what comes to mind? dimensions, sizes, clearances. That's it, right? At least that's all I hear discussed. Lets talk about Form Errors or errors in shape.

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04.06.12 | 3:38 PM

Cracks in Aircraft Structures

A crack is the first sign of impending failure

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03.23.12 | 4:17 PM

Detecting Hose Flap

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02.14.12 | 12:28 AM

Tightening Rubber Gaskets

I had an interesting conversation with a customer who was replacing a silicone rubber rocker cover gasket on his Lycoming engine.

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