Library for 1 aicraft???

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No stupid questions here :)  This is a good question.

We have multiple combinations of libraries. In general we have airframe only libraries, Engine & Prop (Support) libraries, Aircraft (airframe, engine & prop) Maintenance Libraries. Sometimes we do this for a single model but most often it is for a group of models. Usually the group is based on the airframe manual coverage as a single manual may cover multiple models.

Specifically for the Cherokee 6-300 we have the BPA9 with is airframe only for a subset of Cherokee 6 models; we have the BVW Engine & Prop Support library and the BVWB Maintenance library covering everything. The BVW and BVWB cover the complete PA-32 series as some engines and props are shared by various aircraft models. This is not exactly everything for one model because of the overlaps but it is smaller than all singles or all Pipers.

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