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January/February 2017 FAA Safety Briefing

Posted by FAA on 01.05.17 at 11:22 AM

 The January/February 2017 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on aviation risk management and aeronautical decision making. Featured content follows the framework of the PAVE checklist, covering a pilot’s decision making process to mitigate risks in terms of the: Pilot, Aircraft, enVironment, and External Pressures. 


Feature articles include:


·         Risky Business – The What, How, and Why of Risk Management (p. 8)

·         Say Ahh – A Pilot’s  Guide to Self-Assessing Risk (p. 12)

·         Is My Aircraft Right for Flight? – The Importance of Preflight Prep (p. 16)

·         The Wild (Not So Blue) Yonder – Mitigating Risk in the Flight Operating Environment (p.20)

·         Are We There Yet? – How External Pressure Can Affect Your Flight (p.23)


In this issue’s Aeromedical Advisory (p 5) Federal Air Surgeon Dr. James Fraser explores how risk-based decision making is helping more airmen get their medical certificates, while Checklist (p 26) looks at how data and information-sharing is helping to improve GA safety. In our Angle of Attack department (p 29), you’ll find information on Flight Risk Analysis Tools (FRATs), while Vertically Speaking (p 30) covers the FAA’s plans to reclassify normal category helicopters and make installing additional safety equipment more affordable.


The link to the online edition is:

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