How do I update my facility information once my ATP profile has been started.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I am not sure if you are asking about changes going forward or changing old records.

For going forward: The Compliance records are auto filled every time a new record is added. The auto fill information comes from the Facilities tab in Settings. If you update this information then all added records will have the changed information.

For historic records: The records are editable individually. Simply change the information on the record. You can use copy & paste at the cell level if you want to change multiple records. There is no "mass" change (if there is a need for a mass change I would like to learn more on the situation where a IA would change the sign off info on all records)

 One other option if you just created a set of compliance records for the first time and see the facility sign off settings are wrong you can do a Save As - Profile only to save just the profile without the compliance records, update the Facility settings and then run a new compliance report.

Hope this helps