How do I find out what is on the aircraft as far as appliances when I am not on location through ATP's AD Appliance search?

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We have a couple of tools to help locate the appliance ADs. The tricky part is only you know what equipment has been installed on the aircraft. There are many options from the factory plus all the after delivery changes. Our support group of Rob, Billy and Alex would be glad to talk you through the product and Appliance searches (800-227-4610; here are some ideas to get you going.

The first thing is I like to have a copy of all appliance ADs as a review aid. In the Forms Tab under ATP Worksheets is a pdf called "Appliance AD List" that lists all the appliance ADs and what they apply to. This allows a good overview of equipment subject the Appliance ADs.

The best way to drag out what equipment is installed is using the equipment checklist also in the Forms Tab, ATP Worksheets called "Profile Component Worksheet". If you are not located at the aircraft you would need to send the worksheet to where the aircraft is and get a list of what is installed. The list of items on the worksheet match the Appliance AD list and are there because there is a AD for each of those component types.

Finally I would build a Profile in NavigatorV. The Profile will also match the Worksheet. You should look at every category listed and add the Manufacture and Model of the components installed on the aircraft. The profile can then be used to perform a AD search. It will populate a compliance record of all ADs for each component.

Note: as you fill out the Profile the Manufacturer/Model dropdowns are populated based on Appliance ADs. Only Mfr/Models with ADs are listed. No listing = your clean, go to the next category. IF you want the Profile to be a complete equipment list including non AD equipment you can manually type in the Manufacturer and Models.

Hope this helps