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New FAA advisory material focuses on MRO-related software

As data becomes more prevalent in aircraft operations and maintenance, industry is moving quickly to put in place processes and procedures to collect, analyze, and take action on what is being learned. Much of this learning involves software that is on, or connected to, aircraft—which means it's regulated by FAA.
The agency took a notable step towards keeping up with the rapidly-evolving data-focused initiatives in the MRO space, issuing guidance for setting up management systems for maintenance-related software.

U.S. Maintenance Training Standards Poised for Major Overhaul

From composites to onboard connectivity, aircraft technology has advanced
significantly in the past several decades. The required training standards used to
develop mechanics in the U.S., however, have not kept pace.
But that is about to change.
The FAA is in the late stages of a major revamp of its Part 147 regulations, which set
standards for the 170 aviation maintenance technician schools (AMTSs) that supply
approximately 60 percent of the industry’s certified airframe and powerplant (A&P)