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Happy AMT Day!

Greetings everyone,


  On behalf of the AMTA I would like to wish everyone a Happy & Safe AMT Day! I have attached a poster from Jennifer Baker who owns Baker's School of Aeronautics who are sponsoring their 13th consecutive AMT Day celebration. If you are in the area stop by. I am also attaching a history of AMT Day to help explain to others what this day is all about.


Final Push S.RES 335

Greetings Everyone,

The Senate AMT Day Resolution, S.RES 335, is written but needs further support to move forward. Senator Schumer's office has asked the AMTA Members to contact Republican Senators on the aviation committee. I have called and e-mailed each member voicing the AMTA's position for having this important resolution to come to a vote and asking the Senators to co-sponsor S.RES 335. I would like to ask if one of the following Senators is from your State to please call and leave a message AND send an e-mail asking them to support the AMT Day Resolution.

I have received word from Senator Roger Wicker's aid, Ellen Beares, and the Senator at this time is not going to co-sponsor S.RES 335 due to more important issues that he is working on. However, Senator Wicker will vote yes if S.RES 335 goes to the floor for a vote. I will list Ms. Beares information if you wish to call and simply remind the Senator that this resolution is important to you.

Senator Dan Sullivan's aid, Scott Leaphard, has contacted me saying the Senator will vote for S.RES 335 when it goes for a vote. So if you contact Mr. Leaphard thank him for the Senator's support.

Ted Cruz TX
(202) 224-5922
Elliott Mulkin

Marco Rubio FL
(202) 224-3041
Eleni Valanos

Roger Wicker MS
(202) 224-6253
Ellen Beares

Roy Blunt MO
(202) 224-5721
Dan Burgess

Debbie Fischer NE
(202) 224-6551
Madeline Sullivan

Jerry Moran KS
(202) 224-6521
Conor McGrath

Dan Sullivan AK
(202) 224-3004
Scott Leaphard

Ron Johnson WI
(202) 224-5323
Annie Chestnut

Dean Heller NV
(202) 224-6244
Jeremy Harrell

Cory Gardner CO
(202) 224-5941
Philip Newman

As always, thank you for your support in the AMTA and our wonderful craft & profession.


Ken MacTiernan
Director AMTA

Senate AMT Day Resolution Update

   I am writing to keep everyone up to date on the AMTA's efforts to have a United States Senate AMT Day Resolution passed. This resolution will join the United States Congressional AMT Day Resolution, along with the State, Commonwealth & Territories AMT Day Resolutions. In working with Senator Charles Schumer of NY the Senate AMT Day Resolution draft has been forwarded to the Senate Aviation Operations, Safety & Security Subcommittee.

Happy AMT Day!

 Greetings everyone,

  With May 24th almost upon us I would like to take this early opportunity to wish everyone a Happy AMT Day! If your company or organization is planning on celebrating their skilled AMT work force I would like to ask if you could take pictures showing where you are and what you are doing to celebrate. Even if you are not at work and are having a simple bar-b-que send me a picture to post. Or better yet, post it to the AMTA's Facebook page at Friends of Charles E. Taylor.