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Associations praise update to Product Certification Guide

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 16, 2017 -- The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) today announced the approval of an updated United States Federal Aviation Administration / Industry Guide to Product Certification. The last version of the guide was published in 2004. 

Update on this years Mx Competition

We’re searching for the words to sum up this year’s competition and all we can come up with is “WOW!”

 We wish that every single aircraft maintenance professional could be so fortunate to be able to attend and compete in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition. For those of you who were able to be there in person or view the live stream delivered by AireXpert, you saw and felt the camaraderie and professionalism of these teams. There’s simply nothing like it, and all of those teams (both pros and students) set a great example for the next generation of mechanics.

EASA: U.S. Operators Can’t Use MMEL in Europe

U.S. Part 91 twin turboprops and jets flown in Europe must now operate with a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) developed for that specific aircraft under Letter of Authorization (LOA) D195, rather than with a manufacturer’s aircraft model Master MEL (MMEL) approved by the FAA under LOA DO95. Laurent Chapeau, head of the ramp inspection office of the French Safety Oversight Authority, which administers SAFA ramp inspections for third-country operators in France, has affirmed EASA’s recent recognition of the ICAO standard.

Augmented Reality Could Help Close Skill Gap In Maintenance

The demand for aircraft engineers and mechanics continues to increase rapidly, especially in parts of the world with the least training infrastructure. Kevin Deal, vice president of Aerospace & Defense at IFS, thinks virtual reality and augmented reality tools could help meet the demand.

Like The Proposed Changes To FAA Airworthiness Approval Tags? reports the FAA is seeking comments on an advisory circular about instructions for use of airworthiness approval tags. 

The FAA is requesting comment on draft Advisory Circular (AC) 43-ARTS, which provides instructions for use of the airworthiness approval tag.