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Engine Maintenance and Performance Monitoring

Did you know that most general aviation fatal accidents are caused by in-flight loss of control? Many of these loss of control accidents are due to engine failure-related factors. Between 2001-2010, 35 of 70 randomly selected accidents had engine maintenance errors identified as a contributing factor. Proper engine maintenance, post maintenance, advanced pre-flight, and performance monitoring can go a long way to eliminating this type of mishap.

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Flight Standards Service Terminology

Hi, folks -

We’ve received quite a few questions about the nomenclature everyone should be using to talk about our new structure. I addressed some of these issues in the October Monthly Message, but below is an expanded guide to Flight Standards Service terminology.

Thanks for the great work -

John Duncan


Proposed Summary of Intent:

FAA Realigns Flight Standards

On August 20, Flight Standards transitioned its management structure from the traditional geography-based regional structure to a functional structure. The new functional structure aligns our leadership in four areas: Air Carrier Safety Assurance, General Aviation Safety Assurance, Safety Standards, and Foundational Business.