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NEW Testing Under the ACS Standard

In fulfilling its responsibilities for the airman certification process, the FAA Flight Standards Service (AFS-630) plans, develops, and maintains materials related to airman certification training and testing. The FAA knowledge test measures the minimum standard of aeronautical knowledge required by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65. Other materials, such as handbooks in the FAA-H-8083 series, provide guidance to applicants on aeronautical knowledge, risk management, and associated skills.

Documenting Annual Inspection Completion in Aircraft Records

I seems the FAA has changing policies and information on a constant basis concerning documentations of annual inspection and maintenance. FAA-G-8082-19 INSPECTION AUTHORIZATION INFORMATION GUIDE older versions used to say the annual inspection was to be signed off in the “Airframe” records and 100-hour inspection signed off in the engine(s) and propeller(s) records.

Inspections Who is Responsible?

Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) provide for the inspection of all civil aircraft at specific intervals, depending generally upon the type of operations in which they are engaged, for the purpose of determining their overall condition. Some aircraft must be inspected at least once each 12-calendar months, while inspection is required for others after each 100 hours of flight. In other instances, an aircraft may be inspected in accordance with an inspection system set up to provide for total inspection of the aircraft over a calendar or flight-time period.

Choosing a DME does Cost Matter

All Designated Mechanic Examiners (DMEs) are required to follow FAA Order 8900.2 in performing oral and practical exams and the procedures outlined in this order. Since the new DME downloader system went into effect October 2015 there has been some major changes in how DMEs prepare and administer the oral and practical.

Order 8900.2 allows all DME to charge a fee for the service of administering the oral and practical exam. There is no set fee and DMEs charge different rates around the U.S. from $350.00 to $1,750 depending on location and other fee’s a DME may incur.

Experimental AD Compliance

In accordance with part 91 the owner or operator of an aircraft is primarily responsible for maintaining that aircraft in an airworthy condition, including compliance with AD's. The owners and operators are responsibility for complying with airworthiness directives (AD) and recording AD compliance in the appropriate maintenance records. However, during aircraft inspections FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic share a dual responsible in complying with ADs if the product is manufactured to FAA rules under part 21.