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Featured Stories

AMTA End of Year Update

12.22.16 | 08:56 AM

 Greetings everyone,


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Is a mechanic or maintenance facility responsible for maintaining my aircraft in an airworthy condition?

12.20.16 | 02:14 PM

 Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons: Airworthiness Directives— GA maintenance i

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Breaking Bad

12.15.16 | 02:08 PM

 Ever wondered what to do when you see an airman doing something they shouldn’t?

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ATP Announces Acquisition of CaseBank Technologies, Inc.

12.12.16 | 09:52 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 12, 2016 – Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP)— the aviation industry's premier provider of information, tools and services—today announced that the company has acquired CaseBank Technologies, Inc., a leader in integrated diagnostic, troubleshooting and fault detection solutions for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries, among others.

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Maintainer Fatigue Risk Management - AC 120-115

12.08.16 | 03:15 PM

We are a nation of sleep-deprived workers. It is estimated that adults attempt to function on 1 to 1.5 hours less sleep than the generally recommended 8 hours per night. Human fatigue costs U.S.

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FAA National Policy on Additive Manufacturing in Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Alteration

12.08.16 | 09:26 AM

 This notice provides an introduction and awareness regarding the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology in the maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alteration of aircraft, aircraft

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Among the “Most Wanted,” a focus on the human factors in transportation safety

11.29.16 | 01:53 PM

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its “10 Most Wanted List” of desired transportation safety improvements for 2017 and 2018 this week – a list that that will now be proffered every two years instead of on an annual basis, according to comments made by Christopher Hart, the organization’s chairman, during a press conference yesterday.

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GE Unveils First Details Of MRO Data Exchange

11.23.16 | 11:42 AM

Initial details of GE Aviation’s plan to leverage its Predix data-collection and analysis platform as a de facto MRO data-exchange pipeline between owners, operators and maintainers include a per-asset pricing model and a partnership with business-process specialists Capgemini.

GE used its annual Minds and Machines conference to publicly launch its Configuration Data Exchange (CDE) offering, as well as a “teaming agreement” with Capgemini.

“The product will include a configuration data standard and data translation capability to move data from one system of record to another via the GE Digital Predix platform,” GE explained.

To read the full story:

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FAAST Blast — Week of Nov 14, 2016 – Nov 20, 2016 Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update

11.21.16 | 11:48 AM

FAA Making Progress on New Pilot Medical Qualifications The FAA is working to implement Section 2307 of the FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act of 2016 (P.L. 114-190), Medical Certification of Certain Small Aircraft Pilots. In the Act, Congress outlined an alternative medical qualification in lieu of holding an FAA medical certificate. The FAA must draft rules to meet the Congressional mandate.

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